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Laboratory Technician/Industry Trainee




He/She is responsible for all aspects of work relating to field sampling, chemical and microbiological analysis in the laboratory.           




  1. To perform instrumental and non-instrumental analysis using procedures described in the Analytical Methods, without modification, and carry out analysis or operations only if that procedure or operation is documented.

  2. To prepare samples using procedures described in the Test Method.

  3. To prepare reagents, standard stock solutions, working solutions as required for the analysis in accordance to documented procedures.

  4. To carry out quality control procedures and recognize when data is unacceptable using guidelines stated in the Test Methods or in department’s Standard Operating Procedure.

  5. To calculate results and record data into the appropriate worksheet.

  6. To carry out routine maintenance and calibration of instruments and maintain documentation.

  7. To ensure tracking forms, reagent forms, standard and stock preparation logs, etc. are documented properly.

  8. To assist on training of junior staff and new employees and maintain training records.

  9. To monitor the supply level required and ensures they are adequate to meet operational goals.

  10. To maintain a clean and tidy laboratory area and clean supply of glassware and apparatus.  Provide assistance to Chemist and Microbiologist as required.





  1. Science candidate and passed in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or related experience.

  2. Ability to understand and follow procedures.

  3. Self motivated and team-orientated with professional work attitude


Position Description

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