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Mechanical Testing

The tests are conducted to determine mechanical properties and behaviours of materials/products to ensure tested materials or products are safe to be used by end-users. It is a process of applying forces, pressures, heat and others to a mechanical system to measure specified materials/products' responses. 



Mechanical Testing List.pdf



Pipes and Fittings


UPVC Pipes / Plastics Pipes & Fittings / PP Pipes / PE Pipes, Fittings & Valve / Steel Pipes / Seals for Pipe Joints / Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings / Others 


Sanitary Wares


Water Closet pan & Cisterns / Water Closet Seat & Cover / Toilet Seat with Bidet / Taps, Combination Taps & Mixers / Urinal / Ceramic / Shower Seat / Grab Bar




Flush Valve / Metallic Valves / Float Valves / Flexible Connecting Hose Valves / Anti Vacuum Valves / Copper Alloy and Stainless steel Ball Valves / Water Reducing Valves / Landing Valves


Industrial Products


Smoke and Heat Control Ventilators/ Manhole Cover / Tool Clamp


Building Material


Flooring / Playground and Fitness Equipment


Fire Protection Products


Fire Hose Reel / Fire Fighting-Semi Rigid Hoses for Fixed Systems / Inlet Breeching (Dry Riser) / Layflat Delivery Hose and Hose Assembly / Portable Fire Extinguisher / Fire Hose Couplings and Ancillary Equipment / Fire Doors (Cylinders for locks, Door Belts, Lever Handles and Knobs)

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