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Mechanical Testing

The tests are conducted to determine mechanical properties and behaviours of materials/products to ensure tested materials or products are safe to be used by end-users. It is a process of applying forces, pressures, heat and others to a mechanical system to measure specified materials/products' responses. 



Mechanical Testing List.pdf



Pipes and Fittings


UPVC Pipes / Plastics Pipes & Fittings / PP Pipes / PE Pipes, Fittings & Valve / Steel Pipes / Seals for Pipe Joints / Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings / Others 


Sanitary Wares


Water Closet pan & Cisterns / Water Closet Seat & Cover / Toilet Seat with Bidet / Taps, Combination Taps & Mixers / Urinal / Ceramic / Shower Seat / Grab Bar




Flush Valve / Metallic Valves / Float Valves / Flexible Connecting Hose Valves / Anti Vacuum Valves / Copper Alloy and Stainless steel Ball Valves / Water Reducing Valves / Landing Valves


Industrial Products


Smoke and Heat Control Ventilators/ Manhole Cover / Tool Clamp


Building Material


Flooring / Playground and Fitness Equipment


Fire Protection Products


Fire Hose Reel / Fire Fighting-Semi Rigid Hoses for Fixed Systems / Inlet Breeching (Dry Riser) / Layflat Delivery Hose and Hose Assembly / Portable Fire Extinguisher / Fire Hose Couplings and Ancillary Equipment / Fire Doors (Cylinders for locks, Door Belts, Lever Handles and Knobs)




Pump for diverse industrial application such as water, oil and gas, municipal etc. ISO 9906 would be the test standard in most cases.

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