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Testing Solutions



Cytotoxicity Testing

The test carries out by exposing mammalian cells to test aliquot. Denature of cells shows a present of the cytotoxic agent in the test sample.


Mutagenicity Testing 


The Ames test is a reverse mutation assay using Salmonella Typhimurium. It is also a carcinogenic detection method.

Chemistry Testing:


Bimetallic Corrosion Testing


The testing is also known as galvanic corrosion, it examines corrosion activity between 2 different metal.

Customised Testing:


Our laboratory understands there might have no established test method for an innovative product. However, we can assist to establish a verification testing protocol to verify the product based on our collective knowledge.



Independent Verification and Validation


Our laboratory plays as an independent third-party to assist our customer in trading activity, aims to provide an impersonal test result in order to accelerate decision making process. 

Water Quality Testing:


Total and Free Chlorine Residue


Chlorine residue require close monitoring to ensure the level of concentration meets drinking water standard.


Dissolved Oxygen


The level of dissolved oxygen indicates microbial activity in water and increase of microbial activity results in water quality issues.


Colour & Turbidity


Colour and Turbidity is a physical testing as water appearance affect consumer perception toward water quality.


Taste and Odour


Occasionally, presence of taste and odour in drinking affect consumer perception toward water quality, although water is fit for consumption.

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